With great vigour and commitment, TTE GmbH has developed modern applications for chip cards made from qualified, high-tech materials for extended applications. We are continuously improving our production techniques according to state-of-the-art technology.

In cooperation with competent partners, we create individual and customer-specific solutions.

Injection-moulded cards meeting ISO standards and made from environment friendly thermoplastics.

In addition, the following variations are available:

Magnetic strip cards:
A magnetic strip that is applied to the card records information. The production process is rather simple compared to other cards, as several produciton steps are omitted. However, storage capacities are limited. Magnetic strip cards represent the first generation of cards, but the use of these cards is diminishing nowadays due to security issues and limited storage capacity. They are gradually being replaced by chip cards.

Memory cards:
Memory cards are equipped with microchips that serve exclusively as storage media. They are not programmed with an operating system and thus do not provide any computation function. Storage of information on the chip is much more secure than storage on a magnetic strip. Those cards are used, for example, as telephone cards, simple ID cards or membership cards.

Microchip cards:
Microchips are implanted in chip cards, In contrast to memory cards, they are able to perform certain operations independently, as they are featuring operating systems and application software, quite similar to a tiny computer. These programmable chip cards may be used, for example, as bank cards, security passes or GSM cards.

Additional works for customised, integrated solutions:

  • punching
  • milling
  • implanting
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